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  • Grant Davis

Interval Training for Maximum Fat Burning

What IS the best way to train for maximum calorie burn?

For many years, the traditional thinking has been keeping the heart rate in a certain zone, called the "fat burning zone." Sounds good, but it's dead wrong. Research shows that interval training at intensity greater than 90% of the VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption during exercise), is the best way to improve cardio fitness and significantly aids in post-workout fat burning. A recent study showed that women who did high-intensity interval training seven times over two weeks increased whole body fat usage during exercise by 36%. They also increased fat burning enzyme activity and increased VO2 max by 13%. So, if you want to burn that belly fat, high intensity interval training is the key.

(from Dr. Del Millers, Ph.D., founder of the Best You Academy -- Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, May/June 2014)

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