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Over 50? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

For many people, 50 is the new 40, and who of us doesn’t want to live that lifestyle again? However, let’s be honest, there are habits we developed earlier in life that just don’t work later in life. If you are just getting on the wellness and fitness wagon, drop these like they’re hot!

1. Manage your stress. According to a survey from Selftrade, stress increases as we age, especially between the ages of 45-54. Take a walk, mediate or pray.

2. Use sunscreen every day. Regular use of sunscreen reduces the chances of melanoma by 40%.

3. Do resistance training! Yes, I have a dog in this hunt, but resistance training keeps sarcopenia at bay and keeps older adults from losing muscle mass and looking like a deflated balloon.

4. Exercising without changing your diet. This is big. YOU CANNOT WORK OUT ENOUGH TO BEAT A CRAPPY DIET. Yes, you could get away with it when you were younger, but it will not work when you are older. Sorry.

5. Take Magnesium. You need magnesium for muscle movement, blood glucose regulation and bone health. Eat food high in this mineral like yogurt, nuts, legumes spinach and avocados and supplement if necessary.

6. Don’t use your phone as an alarm. Yes, we all have heard it, but blue light from smartphones and computers reduces melatonin production and screws up your sleep and makes you dumber. So if you insist, turn it over and put it on silent.

7. Stay connected with real people. It’s great to see what your friends are doing on Facebook and Instagram, but social media is not a replacement for actually being face to face.

8. Stretch. Here is another part of fitness that goes by the wayside as we age. If you don’t stretch for at least 10 minutes a day, you are more likely to pull a muscle, or get an injury. Seriously, if you need an excuse, stretch while you check your Facebook!

9. Drink less alcohol. This is tough because you may have more time to imbibe, but alcohol wreaks havoc on your brain, not to mention your diet. One drink per day!

10. Eating sugar and processed carbs. In addition to weight gain, sugar can lead to a host of chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, inflammation and possible Alzheimer’s. What?

Keeping it Real in Health & Wellness

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